Super Smash Bros. professional player will be paid at XRP

More players from all over the world are migrating to the crypto currencies.

A high-profile player joins SBI Holdings‘ gaming division and signs a contract to receive his salary in the important XRP crypt currency.

Kengo „Ken“ Suzuki, a professional player of the cross-action fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or SSBU, has signed a contract with SBI e-Sports, the gaming division of Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings. Ken is also considered the best Sonic player in the world.

SBI’s crypto-focused venture capital arm undergoes a Profit Revolution major turnaround during the year
According to an official announcement released by SBI on October 15th, Ken will now be part of the newly established SSBU division of SBI e-Sports. The player will receive his annual salary in XRP instead of Japanese yen „according to the player’s wishes and sponsorship“ with SBI VC Trade, the crypto-focused venture capital arm of SBI.

In an October 15th tweet, Ken confirmed that he now belongs to the SSBU division of SBI e-Sports.

Japanese eSports company to pay players at XRP
SBI e-Sports is a new professional e-Sports subsidiary of SBI launched in June 2020. In late September, the company officially announced that SBI e-Sports will pay its players at XRP as part of a sponsorship agreement with SBI VC Trade.

On October 9th, SBI also announced that the company will execute a value token offer based on SBI e-Sports‘ shares.