A bundle of 9 digital plots was sold for $ 1.5M in the Axie Infinity game

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game where you can collect monsters and digital plots.

A bundle of 9 digital plots of the Axie Infinity blockchain game was sold for 888 Ethers (ETH) for approximately $ 1.5 million. This is a record for a sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Record sales for an NFT

The purchaser an anonymous entity known only as the „Flying Falcon“.

The lot of plots has a unique aesthetic and a special positioning in the game “Axie land”. The land is part of a future game mode in Axie Infinity that allows players to build / decorate properties, harvest resources, and battle digital monsters called “Axies”.

Users can virtually train, breed, fight and even breed their Axies with other players. Each Axies has a unique genetic mark. Some specimens fetch a significant price on the market.

Players can even rent out their property for income. They can also host in-game events, like concerts or art galleries. This record acquisition of $ 1.5 million is part of this process:

The Genesis plots are the rarest and best placed in Axie Infinity, they naturally fit my thesis.

The rise of NFTs continues

This purchase comes as the NFT market is booming. The last month saw the rise of the art project dubbed „Hashmasks“, the entire collection of which sold for over $ 9 million. But the market isn’t just about art either, users can sell real estate, cars, assets, or just about anything through an NFT.

Crypto-art relies on non-fungible tokens which are typically issued on Ethereum, ERC-721. This guarantees digital scarcity.

The most expensive piece of art to date is “The Complete MF Collection”. A collection of 20 works of art by Beeple. The digital artist and graphic designer produces video content and concert visuals for Nicki Minaj and Eminem. He is also currently the most popular cryptocurrency artist.